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Liceo Foscarini is the oldest high school in Venice, founded in 1807 when Venice was under French rule, by decree of Prince Eugene Napoleon, the viceroy of Emperor Napoleon I in Italy and located in the former convent of Santa Caterina. In 1867 the school was named after Marco Foscarini the scholar who became one of the doges of the Republic of Venice.

Liceo "Marco Foscarini" offers pupils aged 14 - 19 an academic education specializing in humanistic subjects: Italian language and literature, Latin, Classical Greek, History, Philosophy, English as a Foreign Language and Art History as well as scientific subjects such as: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Natural Sciences.

Since September 2010 the school also offers "Liceo Classico Europeo" following ministry guidelines based on the Treaty of Maastricht encouraging students to become plurilingual. Pupils must study two foreign languages, Science or Geography are taught in English from first year, and from third year pupils study either Art History in German or Spanish, or History in French. Law and Economics as well as the other subjects followed in the traditional classical stream are taught.

The school has an ancient library, laboratories, a gymnasium, a rugby field and tennis courts.

The school has 699 students and 99 teachers.

Since the date of its foundation the school has been located in the former convent of S. Caterina. A few pictures of the building are on-line.

There are several extracurricular activities:

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In February 1996 Foscarini became the first high school of Venice and one of the first in Italy to publish its own pages on the web, thanks to the Polo Est project of the Venice province (i.e. county), a net of Venice schools.

In November 2001 the domain name liceofoscarini.it  was registered and the site was moved to a server of the school (LAMP: Linux, with Apache HTTP Server, MySQL and PhP) with the new URL http://www.liceofoscarini.it.

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